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If automobile paint does not feel smooth as glass, even after a car wash, it needs to be decontaminated with a clay bar. The clay bar removes embedded surface contamination like pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, road tar, light water spots, and other deeply-embedded debris. The detailer’s secret is out, and anyone can use the clay bar to restore a smooth-as-glass feel to any automobile. Use the clay bar on any exterior paintwork, polished metal, glass, or clear optical plastic. The clay bar is easy to use: wash the car, then lubricate the area with Chemical Guys Clay Luber and scrub with a clay bar until it feels smooth. Chemical Guys also manufactures synthetic clay bar substitutes for faster and easier clay bar decontamination services. Try the ergonomic Clay Block, or easy to use Clay Eraser Mitts or Discs for the fastest services possible. Want to learn more about claying your car?

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