Absolutely yes! Belonging to the class of medicines known as benzodiazepine, Clonazepam is indeed a controlled substance.  In this editorial, we will look into the efficiency and lasting ability of clonazepam deeply and try to learn more about this medicine in general as well.

What is clonazepam?

Commonly marketed as the brand names of Klonopin or Rivotril, clonazepam is a medicine used to prevent and treat the disorders related to anxiety. This medicine belongs to a class of medications, as informed earlier in this editorial, known as benzodiazepine. 

This medicine is very efficient and active when it comes to the treatment of bipolar disorder, seizures, anxiety disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), agitation and more. This medicine is one of the very few drugs that has recognized clinical determinations in the U.S. and is also supported by the FDA for the treatments of the above mentioned issues.

It has cured seizures in certain kinds of epilepsy in grown-ups and youngsters adults with panic disorder—with or without agoraphobia which is experience an overwhelming sense of anxiety and panic. It is accessible as a nonexclusive oral tablet and orally-crumbling tablet, or as a brand name tablet known as Klonopin.

Why is it a controlled substance?

As our drug topic of today, this medicine is considered in the benzodiazepine group of medications, this meeting of recommendations has been connected with misappropriation, misuse and redistribution. Abuse has the tendency to swift controlled corporeal or mental dependence. Keep this medicine in a endangered predicament to anticipate misuse and abuse.

These medicines have an inferior possibility for misappropriation proportional with diverse groups of medications in Timetable, up till now can in any case be hustled. Also, taking out side possessions might come about after the intermission of this group of medicines.

Marketing or proposing this medicine may indignant others and is prohibited by the law in many countries and states. Let your therapeutic facilities dealer know if you have pushed or have been obsessed or reliant upon liquor on any stage, licensed doctor recommended medicines or drugs.

It is to be noted that Clonazepam was initially maintained by the FDA in 1975. On the Basis of  the Controlled Substances Act’s procedures, the authority classified it, at that time, as a controlled substance. But, precisely on May 1, 1971 the authorities came to impact.

Side effects of this medicine:

Certainly, clonazepam can source withdrawal side possessions that can range from mild to severe intensities. Slow taking out is important while completion of dosage or cycle of this medicine.

 The withdrawal symptoms can most frequently consist of Seizures of a severe nature. Other thoughtful taking away side possessions can include neurosis, pipedreams, and psychosis, behavior jumble, tremor, abdominal and muscle spasms.

For the greatest part minor withdrawal side belongings like dysphoria which is an outrageous feeling of disquiet or discontent and sleep deficiency (most commonly occurred as an impact of insomnia) may happen when any medicine from this group or class is taken at healing dosages for an extended period of time.

Your licensed doctor or a trained healthcare professional has been trained to stand-in a lethargic contraction plan thru some bounce of period of time on the chance that you stop action to contribution with custody related effects from this class or group of medicines withdrawal. Stop taking your medicine without first speaking to your registrar.

It is to be noted that the side effects can be prevented or cured by the proper care and consultation of a licensed expert. Therefore, it is highly advisable to not just go from something but to learn more about it first and consult a physician for that, for the sake of your own safety.


As the topic is very comprehensive and we got our answer, let use consider as a blessing in disguise. However, by the end of this editorial, we have learnt that the medicine Ativan lasts for about six to twelve hours. In this long period of time, this medicine shows its efficiency by working smartly right on to the cause of trouble. It is to be noted that although this medicine is a general and safe medicine, it can be a cause of side effects if misused or abused.

Moreover, it is also to be made assured that whenever you are thinking about taking a medicine or simply stopping the dosage of a medicine that you have been taking, do not do it on your own. As for your own safety, it is highly important to consult a licensed doctor or an expert health care professional in order to discuss your symptoms and struggles. 

They will listen to you, examine you and then prescribe the medicines which are necessary for you. Moreover, they will construct a plan fully customized for you as you proceed. 

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