Rivotril (clonazepam) belongs to the category of medicine benzodiazepines, which is used for treating epilepsy Fitz and many serious severe nervous system breakdown disorders, etc. Rivotril works by stimulating the CNS and releasing many neurotransmitters that help calm down and relax a person. Rivotril also works by slowing down brain activity by acting on nerves. That’s why it is used in seizure disorder because the brain works in the form of impulses, and if we slow down its activity, the causes of seizure and stroke are reduced.


  • The major reason to use Rivotril is to get rid of epilepsy and serious Fitz because Rivotril helps to slow impulses in nerves of the brain that help with epilepsy and Fitz.
  • Rivotril is also used to treat different forms of seizures that occur in many patients.
  • To some extent minimized dosage of Rivotril should be given to those patients with severe panic attacks and nervousness because these patients are required to slow down their brain waves, which helps them calm down.
  • Rivotril is also used in children and infants with epilepsy and Fitz.
  • The use of Rivotril for anxiety and depression is less, but some people may get prescribed Rivotril for very severe forms of anxiety attacks.


Your dosage is totally prescribed by your doctor, but in the market, this medicine comes in two different amounts of dosage 0.5mg and 2mg; again, these are just dosage amounts you can’t prescribe any dosage to you because you don’t have the knowledge the maximum amount of dosage for Rivotril for adults is 10mg/Day your doctor may recommend you to take 1.5 mg 3 times a day for adults for infants the dosage of Rivotril lower than 0.01 mg/kilogram of body weight.

Side effects

Rivotril contains a controlled substance because it can be highly addictive due to the stimulation of nerves in brain and release of GABA neurotransmitters’ you over dose this medicine then definitely it will cause major damage to your body.

Common side effects:

  • drowsiness, tiredness 
  • dizziness, unsteadiness
  • loss of memory, 
  • inattentiveness, 
  • confusion, lack of concentration
  • slurred speech 
  • unpleasant dreams 
  • muscle weakness 
  • changes in mood, such as depression, anxiety, irritation, nervousness, hostility, aggression or agitation 
  • inappropriate behavior

Some serious side effects on Rivotril are following:

  • severe anxiety, aggression or agitation
  • hallucinations or delusions (seeing, hearing or feeling things that other people cannot) 
  • suicidal thoughts 
  • severe sleep disturbances
  • difficulty breathing severe rash, itching or hives 
  • swelling of the feet or ankles

How to buy Rivotril online?

Rivotril is not a common medicine present in the market and also to buy Rivotril online 

Without a legitimate prescription also a bigger problem because it contains a controlled substance that’s why you will not be able to buy Rivotril online easily, but as you know, in this era, there are a huge number of companies selling medicines online, and a lot of online pharmaceutical companies are available which directly take your order and deliver at your doorstep.

In latest release of FDA on controlled substance it tells, those people who are buying Rivotril or anti-anxiety medicines online are responsible for side effects themselves or if these medicines will not suit them. 

Rivotril is easily available on different online pharma stores where you can enter you prescription with a verified stamp on it and easily order any form of Rivotril at home.

There are many websites online that sell Rivotril without a verified stamp on prescriptions, so if you find the right site, then you can easily buy Rivotril online without a single prescription. Also, you can easily find Rivotril at your nearest pharmacy. Some sellers sell this medicine without a prescription, and you have to pay double for it.

Why is it illegal to Buy Rivotril Without a Prescription?

Rivotril (clonazepam) should only be purchased with valid documentation due to safety and regulatory considerations. Rivotril should only ever be prescribed with proper evaluation by healthcare providers as this medication has serious side effects that pose risks of dependence and addiction, along with potential interactions between other drugs that interact negatively and Rivotril itself – such evaluation can reduce risks such as incorrect dosing, potentially hazardous interactions between medications and misuse by ensuring safe prescribing practices are met. These are the major reasons we aren’t eligible to buy Rivotril without a legitimate prescription.

How to get Rivotril Without a prescription, even when it is illegal?

To get Rivotril without a legitimate prescription is not so easy because this medicine is categorized as a controlled substance, and you need a proper stamp on your prescription to buy Rivotril. There are many ways to get Rivotril without a legitimate prescription. Many websites nowadays sell these drugs without appropriate verified prescription, but they demand double rete of the drug compared to the market. Vendors are present in the areas where the laws of the USA are not applicable. You can quickly buy Rivotril without a legitimate prescription easily and at cheaper rates than other markets.

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