Auto Wheel Detailing Brush Bendable


SKU: 1005004129357881



  1. Material: nylon + imitation wool
  2. Type: Sponge/Cloth/Brush
  3. Model: Small/Medium/Large
  4. Applies to: All cars
  5. Package includes: 1 brush


  1. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The wheeled wool brush is made of synthetic wool and is resistant to any soap or detergent you use. They safely remove tire dust and easily access through wheel spokes, engine bays, door frames and exhaust pipes.
  2. Different Sizes: You can choose any size wheel brush kit to clean your tires. They are ideal for installation in tight spaces and remove brake dust, oil, grime, grime and other harmful debris from any surface.
  3. No Metal: Say Goodbye to Scratches: This car wheel cleaning brush is extremely durable, and the high-strength handle makes it easier to penetrate hard-to-reach areas. Anti-static properties repels dust and grime for more effective wheel cleaning, super soft and safe for all wheel finishes.
  4. Flexibility: All of these fleece tire brush heads can be flexed, making them ideal for deep wheel drums, interior fenders, and car and pickup truck grills. Small bristle brushes are great for tight clearances around the wheels and other hard-to-reach areas of the car.


The dimensions are all measured manually, there may be a small amount of error, please do not mind!


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