Glass Rainproofing Spray


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  • Special Features: Windshield Window Glass Waterproof Rainproof Anti-fog
  • Item Volume: 30/50/100ML
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Leather & Upholstery Cleaner

F9–Auto Glass Film Coating Rainproof Agent


Product description:

This product is applied to the outer surface of the glass, which can form a hydrophobic coating on the glass surface, so that the water droplets can slide off quickly; this coating has good hydrophobic and oil-proof functions, not only will not affect the transparency of the glass, but also improve the glass’s properties. The cleanliness and clarity greatly improve the driving safety in the rainy season; it can be used as a necessary product for the owner’s daily driving safety.

Usage Method:

If there is an oil film on the glass surface, it needs to be used together with an oil film remover to avoid affecting the construction effect; before use, the product needs to be shaken well and evenly spread on the glass surface with a construction sponge. After 2 minutes, the white film appears and the excess coating is removed with a towel ; The effect test can be done 1 hour after the construction is completed.


Main ingredients:

Dow Corning silicone oil, ethylene glycol, fluorocarbon resin, catalyst, special film former.


Product specification: 30/50/100ml
Packing Included: 30/50/100ml Auto Glass Film Coating Rainproof Agent


Matters Eeeding Attention:

1. Clean the glass and keep it clean and dry before use;

2. Do not use this product in direct sunlight or high temperature environment;

3. Use in a ventilated place;

4. Do not drink, keep away from children.



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