Leather Beeswax 200g, Natural Leather Conditioner


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  1. All-natural Material: Made of mink oil, beeswax, and vegetable oils in a unique ratio, our leather cream has a natural fragrance and long-lasting maintenance.
  2. Effective Stain Removal: Our all-natural leather conditioner effectively removes various stains on glossy leather, leaving a non-greasy, shiny, odor-free matte surface.
  3. All-in-One Care: More than just a leather conditioner and cleanser, our all-natural leather conditioner protects, softens, repairs, polishes, and fixes dryness, cracks, and more.
  4. Multiple Uses: Our leather cream can be used on glossy leather of any color, such as leather clothing, leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofas, car seats, cell phone cases, etc.
  5. Easy to Use: Only a small amount is fully effective, our leather cream is easy to use and works quickly, doesn’t waste your time, and makes the application a pleasure.


  1. All-Natural Leather Conditioner: Long-lasting maintenance, non-greasy.
  2. All-In-One Solution: More than just a leather conditioner and cleaner, it protects, softens, repairs, and polishes.
  3. Ultra Widely Applicable: Can be used on most types of leather including tanned, full-grain, and smooth, and most leather products.
  4. Easy To Use: Only a small amount can be fully effective.
  5. Durable: Extends leather life for decades while applying effortlessly.


  1. Capacity: 200g
  2. Size:
    Leather beeswax: 9.6*9.6*4.5cm/3.8*3.8*1.8in
    Sponge: 7*7*2.3cm/2.8*2.8*0.9in
  3. Packing List: 
    1*Leather beeswax


  1. The surface of absorbent objects such as fur, nubuck, shearling, and water-based leather cannot be used.
  2. Before use, please test in a small area to confirm that the leather does not fade, discolor, or peel. After restoring the original color, it can be used in a large area.
  3. The color of the fading dyed on leather products such as leather bags and leather sofas cannot be guaranteed to be clean, but it can make the color lighter.
  4. Objects stained with paint, ink, oily stains, solid glue, super glue, and some special pigments cannot be cleaned
  5. If the leather products are frosted or oxidized and faded, it is difficult to restore their original appearance, but after cleaning, they will be much cleaner than before.


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